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February 22, 2013
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You tiptoe through the house. You don’t know why you’re awake at this time, or why you haven’t just gone back to sleep. Were you even walking to? Alright, let’s just say that you have no clue about anything at the moment. Apart from the fact that most of your friends were sleeping on your living room floor at the moment. That you do know.

So as I was saying. You’re currently walking silently through your house, your feet padding softly on the cool wooden floor. It was 5am on a Sunday morning. Usually you would still be sleeping right about now, but John had woken you up with his loud snoring. Yes, that’s right. Your friends were staying at your house. It was your idea to have a mass sleepover, with all trolls and humans alike crashing at your place. Some, like Eridan, had decided not to come. They said they had things to do or just generally didn’t want to come. *cough* Eridan *cough*

Your wandering had become aimless, so now you were standing in the middle of the kitchen staring out the window. The sky looks like it was on fire. All the clouds are bathed in a golden glow as the sun slowly rose up into the sky.

You stand like this for a few minutes, just staring out at the amazing morning sky. All of a sudden you come up with an amazing idea. Pancakes. Why not make a megaload of them? Who knows, they could come in handy if there ever was an emergency. Or you could just throw them at people to wake them up.

This sounds like a plan. So as quietly as possible, you set to work. Lifting out ingredients and mixing bowls and plates. Soon enough the kitchen is a mess. You don’t care, you just kept on cooking.

Around 30 minutes later you end up with a fuck ton of pancakes and not enough plates. You shoot a look at the clock and grin. At almost 6 in the morning, it’s about time to wake the others up.

With an evil grin on your face you grab a heap of pancakes and stalk towards the living room. You hide behind one of the walls and peak around the corner. Thank god they were all still sleeping. You creep into the room and take aim. In 3… 2… 1… LAUNCH!

“asfjgfkldfsjgh! HEY!”

Oh yeah, score! You do a mini victory dance before grinning at who you had just hit – in the face, mind you - with a pancake.

“Well good morning Mr Strider,” you retort. You press a finger to your lips and shush him as he goes to say something else. If he talks anymore he’s going to wake up the rest of your friends, which would totally ruin your plan. Besides, if you plan is ruined then what the hell are you going to do with the rest of you pancakes? You didn’t really plan on eating them. More like you planned on having a totally epic pancake war. So that’s what you’re going to do.

You don’t bother targeting certain people now, you just decide to throw pancakes around wildly and hope they hit someone. Most of the time they find a target, the floppy objects landing on top of someone’s face with a slap. One of the pancakes lands on Gamzee, who was asleep on top of the coffee table. He gets a fright and wakes up, promptly rolling off the table and onto a sleeping Karkat who begins shouting obscenities from underneath the indigo blooded troll.

It takes you about 10 minutes to run out of ammo. You don’t even bother to go back to kitchen to grab more food. You’re laughing too hard to do anything at the moment. You clutch your sides and slowly slide down to the ground as you laugh, oblivious to the group that was gathering around you.

“(_Name_)…” Comes a voice. Nepeta’s to be precise. You open your eyes, which were starting to tear up and beam up at her. “What’s up?” You reply cheerfully. The troll just gives you a playful grin, her cute cat-like fangs showing. You give a mental squeal at this. You can’t help it. To be honest, you have a bit of a crush on the olive blood.

Speaking of trolls, most of them are surrounding you now. You look around at all of them. For some reason they all have their hands behinds their backs. You have a feeling that this isn’t going to be good. There’s a few moments of silence after your question before someone shouts “go!” That’s when the mayhem began. They pull out their pillows from behind them and start attacking you. You flail around on the ground miserable at they whack you.
Someone’s pillow bursts and feathers spurt everywhere. Soon enough more pillows begin breaking. You realize that they haven’t been attacking you for some time now. You’re crawling on your stomach away from the ground of people, just so you can collect the rest of the pillows and ambush them later.

You turn onto your back to check that there’s no one coming to bombard you and come face to face with none other than the cat girl herself, Nepeta. Her blue cat hat is crooked and her black hair is messier than usual. She holds a pillow in her hands. Your (e/c) eyes go from the pillow to her face back to the pillow.

You reach for the pillow just as she pounces on you, pushing you back. She sits on your stomach and looks down at you. Ever so slowly she leans forward, until her face is merely centimetres from hers. You’re pretty sure your face is bright pink right now but you don’t care. All you’re focused on is the faint green colouring on her cheeks.

“Yeah Nep?”
“I’m flushed for mew.”
“I-I…. I’m flushed for you too.”

Nepeta squeals and buries her face in the crook of your neck. When she raises her head she’s grinning like an idiot.

“Hey, you’re my purrisoner now. Mew lost the pancake fight!”

And then, with feathers cascading down around the two of you, she presses her lips to yours in a passionate kiss.

If this was your punishment, you were going to have a lot more pancake wars in the future.
This is just a random thing that I wrote just now, whilst being bored. I was listening to the song Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons and I got the urge to write something cute.

And wow I only just realized that I wrote this at 5pm while in the story it's 5am. Silly subconscious, don't drag my time into this. :P

Anyways enjoy the cute little Nepeta x Reader fluffy pancakey whatever this is.

Homestuck belongs to Hussie.
So does Nepeta.
And you're Nepeta's purrisoner.
So therefore I guess you belong to Hussie.
Cover art isn't mine either.
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Cocoismynumber1food Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
the Dave scene xD
It was great
I can imagine him straight faced with a pancake sliding off of his face
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This was the sweetest thing ever!!!
Nepeta being my favorite troll i squealed like a rabid fangirl.

Me on the kiss scene: Oh My Gawd [Read Description] 
Cocoismynumber1food Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This comment
Is friggin wonderous XD
Alice-Glaze Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
I laughed so hard at Gamzee and Karkat's ppart
IS831fan9 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
:iconhandspazzplz: lol that's just like me to have a pancake fight btw
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