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January 15, 2013
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A/N: I'll try to make this quick this time.
Here's part 2 of the fanfic. It still sucks, of course, but it's getting there. By the speed in which I'm typing I'm probably going to get at least one part up a day. I'm hoping I'll be able to do that until the holidays are over, which is in a while.

So we're finally getting somewhere. Everything is the same as it was last time, yadda yadda I'mma just go so you can enjoy the crappy writing.
- - - - - - - - - -

"(_Name_) it's time to get up, come on!" Your mum calls as she pounds on your bedroom door. You groan and roll over, getting tangled up in the covers in the process. The banging on your door continues, waking you up from your dozing. "I'm awake, I'm awake," you yell back as you struggle out from the nest of sheets and blankets. It took a few minutes but you were finally free from your cocoon. You yawn and rub your (e/c) eyes sleepily. What time was it? Oops, almost time to go!

You hurry over to your wardrobe and start searching through the strange assortment of tops, pants and other random clothes. You end up picking out a pair of black skinny jeans, (f/a) t-shirt and charcoal and (f/c) striped fedora. Sometimes, just sometimes, you can be a little bit stylish.

Glancing at the clock you realize that you have just wasted some precious time picking out clothes. "Aw, shit!" You murmur under your breath as you practically ran out of your room and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind you. You jump into the shower and quickly twist the knobs, water spurting out of the showerhead and straight into your face. You gasp and move out of the way. Too hot, too cold, just right. That's better.
You finish up in the shower and jump out. That was a pretty stupid idea seeing as you almost land on your ass. Note to self: don't ever jump out of the shower again unless you have the urge to break a bone or something.

You race to put your clothes on and dry your hair. In the end you leave your hair half damp. It takes too much time and effort to dry it and you seem to be lacking both of those things at the moment. You pick up your hat and rush back to your room, stopping only to grab your (f/c) messenger bag. It's already packed with everything you need. A sketch pad, your purse, house keys and a couple of other things that you would need at school.

You take the stairs two at a time, being careful not to fall down. Maybe it would be safer to walk down them normally but then again, where's the fun in that? You would much rather have fun instead of staying safe.
Once you reach the bottom of the stairwell you hurry into the kitchen and grab a slice of toast. "Morning mum! Bye mum!" You call over your shoulder as you head out of the house and down the street towards the bus stop. You take a bite out of the toast as you bounce along, looking around at the usual scenery. Ah, back at school again. It seems like so long since you last did this when in actual fact is was just two days ago. How strange time seems.

After a 10 minute walk the bus stop comes into view. You can already see a couple of your friends there chatting. Looks like Karkat had gotten there before you, as per usual. This was the perfect time to ask him about the message he had sent you last night.
You sneak up behind him. He was standing separate to the group and had his back to you, not really paying attention to much. A smile tugs at the corners of your lips and you break into a run once you were close enough. With a flying jump you leap onto his back, legs wrapping around his waist as you put your arms around his neck and hug his as best as you can from this position. His hands were now on your thighs, making sure you wouldn't fall off of him.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ABOUT?!" He shouts at you, although you can tell he's smiling. "Good morning to you too Mr grumpy pants!" You greet with a giggle and a small squeeze of your arms before you drop to the ground. Karkat turns around to face you, a scowl replacing his precious smile. You imitate his scowl and body language until he rolls his eyes and turns away.  Karkat: 0 (_Name_): 1.

You finally realize that you're still holding your hat and you put it on before walking over to join the others in their conversation. "Hey Dave," you said as you join one of the other boys in the group. He nods at your greeting, face as expressionless as ever. Cool kids, always being so, uh… Cool…? You roll your eyes in a sarcastic manner. "Sup?" He crosses his arms and looks over to your, eyes staring into yours from behind his dark shades. "The sky," you answer with a silly grin. One of his eyebrows rises up from behind his glasses, questioning your response. Just as he went to go reply to you a voice came from behind him. "Haha! Nice answer (_Name_)!" You both look over to where the sound came from, only to spot John and Jade walking towards you two. You smile at them both and wave them over.  "Hey guys! What's- agh!" You were cut off by the sudden fact that you were being lifted up and spun in a circle. You're shocked at first but as soon as you realize who it was you relax and laugh as you became dizzy. "Put me down!" You call out through your laughter. You felt yourself being placed back on the ground slowly and you smile.

As soon as you sure you're not going to fall over you turn around to find Gamzee. "Hiya Gamzee!" You grin, looking up at him seeing as he's at least a head taller than you. "How's it going?" You start to walk over to join the rest of the group, most of which were gathered ready to board the bus which was supposed to arrive any second now. "I'm good. 'Sup with you motherfuckers?" He asks in that dopey way of his, gazing around at the group. "Karkat is being extra angry, it seems like (_Name_) has a new hat, Jade and Dave went on a date last night and Nepeta now has a new OTP," Terezi answers. At that statement both Jade and Dave turn to look at their cat loving friend. "What?" Nepeta squeals. "It's cute, alright?" And with that she scoots off to hide behind Equius, peeking out from behind him.

As you were laughing the bus pulled up, the doors opening to allow the rush of students on board. You and your friends rush to fill the back seats. You sit down on one of the seats, sliding across to sit next to the window. "Karkat!" He looks over to you, noticing you patting the seat next to you. With a shrug he sits down, slipping his bag over his shoulder and onto his lap. "What do you want?" You blink at him. Of course he would realize you wanted something. Stupid. You usually sat with Tavros or Nepeta, talking about shipping and other silly things. "I just wanted to ask you about the message you sent me on Pesterchum last night. What was that all about? I mean, you even apologized.  That's pretty rare for you. So what did you mean? It sounded like…. Like you missed me."

"Missed who?" Comes a question from the seat behind yours. The both of you jump in shock, looking behind you to see Nepeta resting her chin on the back of your chair. You can't help but laugh at the sight of her in her usual attire. A blue hat shaped like a cat with her auburn hair tucked underneath and a baggy olive green trench coat. "Hi Nepeta." She smiled at you as you rearrange yourself to kneel, facing her. "(_Name_)!" She says, although it was practically a shout. She flings her arms around your neck and hugs you. Before you could hug her back she had let go and moved back a bit. "So you ship Dave and Jade now huh?"

"That's right!"

"Sounds like a pretty good ship. So who'd you get the details from about this? I don't know whether or not they were at the party last night seeing as I wasn't there, but I'm curious. So who was it?"

The girl pauses for a moment before smiling and pointing at John. "John did it! He told me about them!" Her smile fades as she remembers the party and in particular, your absence. "Hey! Why weren't you at the party last night?" She pouts and pokes you in the arm a couple of times. "Well, you see…" You hear Karkat snickering and you push him, which he was not expecting. His grey eyes widen as he wobbles, before toppling off of the seat and into the isle.
"Oi, get up." Terezi smiled and taps him a couple of times with her foot, earning a groan from him. He slowly pushes himself up and collects his belongings before planting himself back on the seat. "I'm gonna fucking kill you (_Name_)…" He growls. You just respond by poking your tongue out at him, (e/c) eyes squeezing shut. You open them again when you feel him give you a lighter than usual punch on the arm. Well that was weird. Anyway… "What? Oh, why wasn't I there. I was out exploring again. I kinda got side tracked. Sorry for missing your party Nepeta." You apologize, giving her a sheepish grin. She looks sad for a moment before smiling and bouncing up and down in her seat like an excited little child. "It's alright! I'm going to throw another party anyway! You will come to that one, won't you (_Name_)?"  Oh crap. She's so adorable when she's sad I just can't- "Of course I will!" You respond, throwing your arms around her neck in a brief hug. She smiles in return, bouncing one again before sitting back down.

You turn around and sit down, smiling over at Karkat who glares at you in return. "What's got your panties in a twist?" You ask, pulling a face at him. He grumbles some response that was probably him cursing you for the rest of eternity or something but you just laugh and clamber over him as the bus slows to a stop in front of the school.

You race off the bus, trying to be the first of your friends into the school ground. Unfortunately Equius beats you, as per usual. "No fair!" You complain. "You're a sporty guy. You're always gonna win." You pout as he gives you a small smile. "You are the one who insists on these silly races (_Name_). If you know you are going to lose, why bother racing?" He cocks his head to the side. Seems like he was genuinely curious. You sigh and shake your head slowly. "Forget it."

"(_Name_)!" You hear your name being called and turn to try and identify the source of the sound. You see Karkat running towards you. His black hair was scruffy, as if he had just rolled out of bed and his grey jacket was messed up from the fall onto the floor. His black backpack was slung over one shoulder and he was holding the strap with one hand whilst he ran towards you. What the hell could he possibly want?
So here is more fanfiction. A bit shorter than I wanted it to be but I don't mind.

It's getting better, I think.... And I put one of my OTP's in there, as you'll be able to see. :3

Homestuck belongs to Hussie.
You belong to yourself.
Cover art belongs to whoever made it 'cause I can't draw to save my life.
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